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A smart chat with bass music DJ and producer Tarqeeb about and its first anniversary, our favorite online music radio is turning one and we are proud to announce their first birthday celebration, alongside with some of the hosts of their 60+ shows. Streaming 24/7 from New Delhi, features a diverse collection of hidden gems across India and around the world, serving all sorts of music lovers.

Hosted by the DJ and Producer Tarqeeb, Juggernaut is “a monthly round up focused on the Indian electronica”, bringing forward the beats of a new generation of homegrown producers. Tarqeeb is Ashish Jose, and since 2012 he has been able to bring the groovy energy of bass music onto the dancefloor. After driving crowds across the country, such as Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan, Bass Camp Festival Delhi and many other gigs around Asia, he is back in town to make us jump at the Boxout Weekender next Friday night.

To kick off #FOXTALKS on our blog, Tarqeeb shared his feelings about the one-year-old online community radio and its importance to the Indian independent music scene. Check it out:

Foxity: Hosting a show on, how do you see the online community radio influencing the independent music scene in India and how has the collaboration influenced you as an artist?

Tarqeeb: I feel that bridges a very important gap between independent music in India and its consumers by providing a platform for independent musicians to connect with their listeners through radio shows , live streams and builds a mature community of listeners, club goers who act as the driving force for the music itself. Its also offers a comprehensive insight into the musical landscape of India at a time where a lot of music, internationally, is discovered on similar community based platforms like Boiler Room Radio, Rinse FM , BBC Radio One , Radar radio etc.

I'm a believer of strength in numbers and collaboration is a key catalyst in my personal creative journey. My show Juggernaut on Boxout.Fm focusses on showcasing independent electronic music from India and has led me to discover a staggering number of amazing producers from all corners of the country that I honestly did not know existed. The journey so far has been eye opening and it has helped me better understand the music scene in India which has in-turn influenced my sound in a big way. My collaboration with has also opened up new avenues and a great example of this is getting the opportunity to play Boiler Room x Boxout.Fm Takeover where I could showcase Indian electronic music to an international audience.

Foxity: is turning 1. How would you recap their journey so far and where do you see it going?

Tarqeeb: The only direction I see going is up! I believe they will be a major player in the media and broadcasting industry and also act as a melting pot for music and community driven collaborations between India and the rest of the world. What they have achieved in a year is quite remarkable especially in a market like India which isn't big on online radio's. I'm sure their journey has been hard but the whole team is truly driven by a sense of purpose towards their vision of building a thriving community for independent music in India.

Foxity: What is the one thing that everyone should know about

Tarqeeb: The one thing that fuels the team running everything behind the scenes is coffee. They are all coffee fiends and truly appreciate a good brew.

Check more of Tarqeeb’s work at his Soundcloud profile and live at the Boxout Weekender, of course. The gig starts from 8pm next Friday, 6, at Auro. Get your tickets here.

See y’all Foxes on the dance floor!

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