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Diggy Dang,’s reggae guru

#FOXTALKS: Diggy Dang is’s reggae guru, our favorite online music radio is turning one and we are proud to announce their first birthday celebration, alongside with some of the hosts of their 60+ shows. Streaming 24/7 from New Delhi, features a diverse collection of hidden gems across India and around the world, serving all sorts of music lovers.

The second edition of our #FOXTALKS features Raghav Dang – better known as Diggy Dang –, one of the hosts of Pressure Drop, a show that “takes us on a weekly journey through all the styles and eras of reggae music”. Along with the Reggae Rajahs, a crew of DJs and MCs who focus on promoting dub, roots reggae and dancehall music across India, Diggy Dang carefully picks out the tracks that makes you jam in every edition of the show.

As a Singer, Guitarist and DJ, Dang has been promoting the message of reggae music in India for the past 9 years. Besides from being a member of the Reggae Rajahs crew, he is also co-founder of The Ska Vengers and the Goa Sunsplash, an international reggae festival that happens once a year surrounded by sand, salty water and the warm Goan breeze.

After performing all over Asia, Europe and South America, he is back to his hometown to join the lineup of the Boxout Weekender, a three-day anniversary celebration of India’s coolest online community radio. Check out Diggy Dang’s thoughts on what has been going on on so far:

Foxity: You have been hosting Pressure Drop for one year now. After 96 editions of the show, how do you rate this experience so far?

Diggy Dang: I really enjoy curating selections for each episode of Pressure Drop. It helps me stay up to date with the latest in Caribbean and African music. I occasionally do specials on Pressure Drop that highlights a particular artist, producer or label. These are educational for the listener as well as myself.

Foxity: What’s the story behind the show’s name?

Diggy Dang: Pressure Drop is a song by legendary Jamaican musical group Toots and the Maytals. "Pressure Drop" helped launch the band's career outside Jamaica when the song was featured in the soundtrack to the 1972 film The Harder They Come, which introduced reggae to much of the world. It's been covered by many artists over the years, and it’s definitely one of my favorites song by the group.

Foxity: We know that the reggae scene is strong in South India, considering the Goa Reggae Sunsplash and other gigs. What do you believe are the challenges Delhi faces with the Reggae Music scenario, if any?

Diggy Dang: I feel there are not many organic reggae listeners in Delhi due to the fact that there are not enough reggae events as much as EDM or bass music events. Venues are not keen on booking reggae bands or artists, as they believe it’s not as popular. We have to take matter in our own hands and host underground events, that keep the reggae scene alive.

Foxity: Do you think is helping expand the reggae scene in Delhi and throughout India?

Diggy Dang: Yes, definitely. An online radio show is free to listen to, and keeps the listener up to date with the latest in the genre. It’s a powerful tool to spread the message of reggae music across the nation.

We hope you like jammin', cuz on Sunday we'll be doing just that! Join the Fox crew for some Reggae, Dub and World Music at Auro, 4pm onwards. The tickets are waiting for you here.


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