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audio units dj

“It’s not just about creating your own music or just, you know, playing it around but having a solid ecosystem that supports everything.” - Ashwin Baburao (Audio Units)

With two brothers making it their mission to make proficient music and rock their lives and that of others, Ashwin Baburao and Ashrith Baburao came together to produce legendary music, inducing quality, soul and futurism.

Popularly known for his music cascading between various styles of house music and an amalgamation of edgy and futuristic sounds, Ashwin has paved a remarkable way of striking the perfect balance between outlandish themes and subtle harmonies.

His live acts are sure to put you through an intense state of ecstasy, exhilaration and exalt which is only possible because of his reeking passion for music.

From the heart of the duo, we have here the soul of Audio Units, Ashwin who we much more popularly love as DJ Inferno exclusively on #FOXTALKS:

The Fox - So Ashwin, tell us about your journey and how you came to electronic music and decided to make it a career.

Well for me, my first point of discovery for electronic music strangely, was video games. I was introduced to computers very early because my dad was running a computer training centre in the 90’s. I didn’t realise it at that time that that music really was driving me towards something. And the second-most important factor is the fact that my mom is a musician, she plays the Veena and sings as well.

So that was something I constantly had around so I started to DJ after collecting music for a long time somewhere around the early 2000s which eventually lead me to push my younger brother also into it because I saw a side to him that he was super geeky with computers and all of that. And I thought that brought something to the table. So once I got him into electronic music as well, I’ve been DJing probably for about 10 years by then so the experience that I had, I could use him to translate it because he was good with his musicality. My mom used to teach him to play the keyboard so he kind of knew his way around music.

So those, I would say were the most fundamental things into getting me into electronic music and fast forwarding it to today, we run Beatworx Studio along with my brother. He's also a certified trainer. So basically for us, the entire crux of doing this is to create an ecosystem because it’s not just about creating your own music or just, you know, playing it around but having a solid ecosystem that supports everything.

The Fox - How did you go from DJ to producer and where do you see that going, where do see your sound going and developing with the scene?

Well I see that always it's a consistent evolution because I think, you know, there’s so much to inspire you today. Like, if you saw maybe 10-15 years ago or 20 years ago, electronic music was still at a very nascent stage. Right now, it’s not even that electronic music has to sound like techno or house. Like, you can use the electronic tools available to you to make any kind of music. You could make jazz, you could make whatever. So for me, I personally see this as a consistent evolution but sticking to certain moods that you like.

I don’t look at music from a perspective of genres. I look at them as different moods and lately I've also been having a lot of realisation about exploring music that's more for listening than just for dancing. Often as producers, we end up being lost and just making music that's danceable right? But I think 80% of the consumers want to ‘listen’ to music. So I see myself always consistently evolving and being a duo with my brother, there’s always consistent oppression. Sometimes because he wants to do something different, I want something different, but at the end of the day it brings something really beautiful to my table.

It’s fascinating how this person makes the irony of words a constant evolution disappear into reality. With an out of the box perspective towards music and genres, we’re sure there’s so much more mind blowing electronic music from Audio Units we can expect in the future. To stay up to date on his next gigs, check out his artist profile and follow him to stay in the know.

You can follow Audio Units, get updates about their events, check out their profile, and request them for bookings on Foxity.

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