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blot music band

“As long as I’m enjoying what I do, I’ll be in a happy place for the next 5 years” - BLOT

Music and Love go hand in hand, and today on our #FOXTALKS edition we have the award winning, record breaking DJ which has an immense love for music and basically everything.

A mixed media electronica project B L O T is the Basic Love Of Things that manifests extravagant experiences and transforms spaces via performances consisting of Live electronic music, visuals, light, and art. And at the heart of this project lies its producer and DJ, Gaurav Malaker, responsible for the straddling music and performance.

Over time, BLOT has evolved to master more emotive techno music and a deeper side of modern house. He has delivered an inimitable range of music releases and art installations spanning his career, both in India and internationally.

Here is the secret to the immense basic flow of love for, and by him:

The Fox - So tell me about your journey as an artist.

Well you know, I started when I was 14 years old which was about 16 years ago. Back then, this term artist wasn’t a big deal. I just started out as a DJ and that’s it. It doesn’t seem so long for me because it’s my journey obviously, so it’s also been my life and things like that. But yeah, it’s been fun and when I started out, the scene was really growing and 16 years later, the scene is still growing. So yeah, it’s good to be a part of the movement.

The Fox - So how did u get into techno?

Well, so to be entirely honest, when I started playing music, I did weddings and birthday parties and all kinds of shit. So I mean it wasn’t shit, it was quite enjoyable at the time because, for me, the priority was to just play music and help people enjoy the night. That was my job so I did that for about 7-8 years before I started BLOT and when I started, I had developed an affinity for electronic music and since 2007, it’s been just house or electronic or techno and I feel it’s a sound that comes naturally to me. Especially like the more electronic side of like techno… the deeper side. Some call it deep house, some call it electronica. I just call it stuff I like. I can’t find a categorization so yeah… that’s how I started and I think I don’t feel I have a specific style because I just play music that resonates with me on some sort of emotional level. Even if it sounds cheesy whatever, if it allows you to go into a certain space despite having 500 people with you, that’s for me. That’s the kind of sound that I like to play.

The Fox - What inspires you?

Yeah so about that… I mean there are so many things man. It’s very hard in today’s day and age to pinpoint one source of inspiration for any artist. But for me, anything good inspires me whether it is. Maybe a new piece of gear, whether it’s a synthesiser, whether it’s going out to the park and going for a run. It could be anything. I think the question these days has become more of ‘When are you inspired?’ as opposed to ‘What inspires you?’. Because anything could inspire anybody I mean and it’s not restricted to musician. You can be like a writer, you could be working a corporate job or whatever. Inspiration can come when you’re sleeping, it could come when you're eating or you could have a nice experience when you go out to a water park. So it just depends on how you interpret your surroundings and circling back to the original question, for me there’s no one single point of inspiration, but yes, gigs and performances really inspires me to make music.

The Fox - When you don’t play, what do you do during a party?

I actually never go to any party where I don’t play. I mean alone time is very precious to me. I do go out from time to time but I don’t go very often. But I do a lot of things like I build LEGO kits and I do kickboxing. I do spend a lot of time in the studio though.

The Fox - What ridiculous gig has someone tricked you into going?

Hey, every gig is ridiculous and great in equal measure you know. Sometimes in India it’s very exciting because you go to a gig and you never know the kind of requests that people come up to you with or what you’re gonna experience. I remember this one gig we were playing and this guy just stood in front of the console for 3 hours and he kept shouting ‘Tomorrowland’. So I went and asked him ‘What is Tomorrowland?’ you know ‘I mean… Why you’re saying Tomorrowland? I mean I know it’s a festival but what is it?’ He says ‘Woh gaana baja do Tomorrowland ka’ and I’m like ‘Which song do you want me to play?’ It’s so weird… So for me, I just took it with a pinch of salt and laugh with them. And then I explained to him that Tomorrowland is not a song, it’s actually a country and he believed me and it was good fun.

The Fox - What do you love about partying?

Nothing, I just love being the DJ at the parties. I don’t like partying much.

The Fox - Where do you see your career going in the next 5 years?

That’s anybody’s guess but I hope it’s going up. Let’s see man, I don’t know… this industry is very unpredictable but I don’t know where it’s going in the next 5 years but as long as I’m enjoying what I do, I’ll be in a happy place for the next 5 years.

Basic to Epic, that’s how BLOT has escalated his life from passion and effort to renowned and respected art. Cheers to this spectacular artist and the faith in love.

You can follow BLOT, get updates about their events, check out their profile, and request them for bookings on Foxity.

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