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jai pei artist profile

“I instantly fell in love with it because it was something new.” - Jay Pei

Not everyone has the innovative potentials to club the best of both, analog and digital, to create a single hit genre of Pop. Not everyone is able to create their own unique identity and space while contradicting the mainstream and conventional.

But we also know, not everyone is Jay Pei.

Having released his music on eminent international record labels such as Bullfinch Records, Haute Musique, Liztomania Records, Jay has invoked great appeal for Indian Music Producers. His popular albums Wrong Side Of The Road and Paradox has hit the right chords among youth and music junkies.

This edition of #FOXTALKS brings to you the opportunity to peek into the success story of one of the stars of Indian Electronic Music, Jay Pei.

The Fox - So Jay, tell me about your journey arriving to electronic music and how did you get into music, where you’re from... Just your story.

So in 2010, my little brother went to a music festival in Goa. Now before that, I had no idea about these music festivals, I had ideas about Woodstock and Glastonbury, where a lot of bands would perform in front of a huge audience, but I had no idea about this festivals where producers and DJs and electronic musicians would perform the music in front of a lot of people and have a completely different set of sounds. So when I heard that music, when I saw the videos that my brother showed me, I instantly fell in love with the sound. It was quite unique, it was fresh and it was completely futuristic. So that’s the reason I instantly fell in love with it because it was something new.

I started listening to similar styles of music a lot and eventually found out that this style of music can be made on a computer. So I instantly downloaded a software and started making random sounds and I had no idea what I was doing in the software but it was just fun to do and I would see random stuff and tweak it and something would make some cool sounds and I was like, oh wow that can be made into a track or something like this. So like experimenting, not experimenting but playing around with the music, with the software. I got down to it and I just kept doing it, doing it, doing it to a point where it started sounding like the loop of a song and then somewhere in my mind I thought like ‘you know what? It’s not a bad idea to be a musician. Let’s just try.. Let’s try making some music and since then I’ve been making music now.

I’m originally from Rajkot, Gujarat, it’s a sublime city in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. We don’t really have a music scene over there because it’s a dry state so we don’t have a lot of venues available. Producers, DJs, and musicians can’t go and perform on a regular basis. So it was a tough decision, making a career in music being in that part of the state.

I had to move out of that city. So I decided to move to Delhi, learn audio engineering from a school based in Gurgaon and so I learned the craft of using the tools in a right way and taking your ideas and putting them into action. So I graduated from this school in 2014 and started working as a sound designer for video games. I made sounds for video games for like 2 years and by that time I was getting better at making music and eventually I wanted to be at a point where I could make a lot of music that sounds mediocre, that sounds playable to a lot of people and they would dance to it and that was the whole idea.

So I made a lot of music and I always wanted play a set, where I only play my music because I always see my idols, my favourite musicians in the world or bands that they play their own songs. They have so many songs and each song is so special so I always wanted to be that person who has a lot of songs, many tracks and then play that music to a lot of people and make them feel something or make them dance to it or groove to it. So that was the whole point of doing this as a career.

The rave effect that his music has on today’s electronic music lovers, definitely proves that, what Jay had set out to achieve as an inspiration, is exactly where he has reached today. We wish him more successful albums and a generation of tasteful music.

If you’re keen on heading to one of his next gigs just check out Jay Pei’s artist profile and stay up to date.

You can follow Jay Pei, get updates about their events, check out their profile, and request them for bookings on Foxity.

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