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reverse osmosis artist profile

“I get inspired from everything from kids to people to whatever.” - Reverse Osmosis

Emerging from the cultural capital of India, and being awarded for hitting the happening sounds for the state, this artist from Rajasthan, is here to stay.

Reverse Osmosis may have begun his journey from the pink city, but there is no denying the fact that his acclaim and recognition was only spiralling upwards from there. He mastered conventional raging genres like Techno, Minimal and Deep House as he gradually painted people in all the colours of his music across the country.

He has collaborated with pre-eminent labels including Groovant, Patent Skillz, and GTA and has been nominated in the top 20 Techno DJs of India, clearly adding a feather to his calibre.

This edition of #FOXTALKS entails a casual chat with the one and only, Reverse Osmosis.

The Fox - When did you get into music?

Music was a very integral part of our family and there was always new music that we were hearing. So since childhood, I used to love music when I came into school, and the first time that I went to a discotheque I got dazzled with all those lights and the works. So I asked the DJ ‘will u teach me?’ and he was like ‘yeah for sure’ and since then, I’ve been always playing. From Indore to Jaipur and from Jaipur to all parts of this country… so it’s been great.

The Fox - So how are you seeing the scene develop over the years?

It is developing for sure but it’s taking its own time. Since we come from the classical side of music… so there’s always this thing in people where they like different types of music but it is taking a little time. It is developing to a place where the whole world will look at India as a place being full of music eventually.

The Fox - What made you get into techno?

It’s just the sound that I like. Over the years as I have heard more music and I’ve evolved and I’ve come to a point where I understand that this is where I am. There’s no particular boundary to music but this is where my horses will hold.

The Fox - What was the most ridiculous gig you have ever performed at?

There’s been many because, I’ve been a part of this industry since a very long time. So I’ve been to many, many, many ridiculous gigs and I mean, all sorts of gigs. From the good ones to the ugly ones to the ones where the cops have come and busted the event and all sorts of things are happening all around.

The Fox - What inspires you as an artist?

Any form of art… Any form of art, be it, painting, nature, the universe... Everything is somewhere artsy. So you know I kind of like, I get inspired from everything from kids to people to whatever.

The Fox - So when you don’t play, what do you do during a party?

When I’m not playing, first of all, as an artist you know, there’s always this thing with every artist they will hear who's playing... what’s been played and they will try to learn or experience that. If it's good, we stay. If it is not up to our expectations, we kind of like chill around, talk. Then the intention is to not hear music but to just hang out with friends.

The Fox - So here’s the last question, what do you listen to when you're alone in your car?

I don’t listen to music in my car. I’ve always been around music so much because at home, I have a home studio. So when I’m free and at home, I am always making music. All friends are over and we are chilling and hearing the music so if... apart from the playing part and the going out part, if I’m at home, I like to hear some chilled music... Shaanti, you know... That ways I like it.

On the other side of the console, Reverse Osmosis has a different world encasing the patient understanding of music and relentless humility. We wish him all the luck and growth. To know more about Reverse Osmosis and to stay in the know of where he’s playing next, check out his artist profile and follow him for all the important updates.

You can follow Reverse Osmosis, get updates about their events, check out their profile, and request them for bookings on Foxity.

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