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tasneem artist profile

“I always wanted to be a producer first because storytelling was important” - Tasnneem

Imagine the kind of craze that would erupt out of a set of music that is edgy yet soulful, peppy yet warm, rocky and lush. This kind of craze is neither easy to create nor quick to find. One name stands out that absolutely rocks this intricate blend of music, Tasnneem.

She has proved at every step that age is just a number. In the early age of her career, she has already made her name and fame enough to be a DJ sensation in major cities of India, Sri Lanka and Dubai. Her music encompasses all dimensions of electronic sounds with an incorporation of jazz, funk, nu-disco, deep house, tech-house and techno.

Tasnneem takes inspiration from inimitable music legends in hip hop, classical to contemporary genres. This edition of #FOXTALKS gives us an insight into her inspiring story.

The Fox - Tasnneem, tell us about your journey as an artist and what it means to be a woman in the Electronic Music Scene and Production and where that’s taking yourself up?

I think it has got nothing to do with the gender - first of all. I mean it doesn’t matter whether you're a guy or a girl, if you are good and you're willing to work hard and learn, if you have these wonderful ideas then just do it, go for it. So it has got nothing to do with being a woman or a man. It's equally difficult and equally easy for both the parties.

The Fox - Where did your journey begin as an Electronic Music Producer or did you start DJing first?

DJing happened to me in 2014. Ashwin is one of my best friends (Audio Units) and I went to Beatworx to learn how to mix and I had no idea that I would actually be pursuing this as a career. So I started putting out Bedroom Mixes and six months later, I go to this club and I was like, I heard some deep house and I was like okay I know this music and I didn’t even know what clubs play, the sounds or how to approach. I did not know anyone and I just went there and then I was like can I play, like can I play probably next Friday? And they said okay and then the day before the gig they got a little like, who’s this girl? We’ve never heard of her. And then I sent them the links to my Bedroom Mixes and then they heard my music. They were like okay, we can. And then it didn’t stop after that.

The Fox - And so the transition from DJ to producer, how did that happen and where do you see that going in your career?

I always wanted to be a producer first because storytelling was important and I mean you can do that with DJ sets also, but it is somebody else's story that you are combining with yours and you're relating in a way. But your own.. Something that's your own.. Creating basically, I enjoy that.

So six months down my career, I knew that this is not enough for myself, also for me to grow as an artist. I feel like more people should, more women should produce and get to that side of art and not just stick to DJing and it just opens a wide world after that. So six months down the road, I knew that it’s time to start moving towards production.

The Fox - And if you had a message to the ladies out there who are dreaming of getting on that stage and playing their own music or playing someone else's music and are just a little hesitant based on the fact that it's sort of a patriarchal industry that there aren’t too many females out there what would you say to encourage them or to comfort them and to coming out and seeing the light?

I never thought of this way that it’s not for me, so I think women need to be like initiating their own standards, instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Why don’t YOU be the one to do it first and that would set a benchmark for the rest of us.. for everyone?

Breaking the gender stereotypes and etching her mark in contemporary electronic music, Tasnneem has paved way for many more such female aspirers of DJing.

Want to know more about Tasnneem? Then check out her artist profile and stay in the know of her upcoming gigs.

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